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You and i are in the relationship business

Just imagine ...

Creating an unforgettable experience for your clients..

"Zoom Fatigue" could be the catchword of 2020/2021

It's not enough to do a webinar or teach for 45 minutes anymore. People are craving interaction and relationship.

what we do

We take virtual events to the next level.

The Arena

Our platform offers Virtual Booths which create an amazing space for break out sessions, and networking opportunities.

Each booth is fully customizable and allows for participants to visit, sit and video chat with whoever is running the booth and at the separate tables with other participants.

The Lounge

Networking and getting to know people virtually has never been easier. With our customizable event lounge you will be able to take virtual networking to the next level.

Do you need intimate tables of only two or three during your event for a sales discussion, or consultation? Or maybe you want specific tables to be set aside for a break-out group discussion? We can expand tables up to 20 people.

With the "Virtual Lounge" your virtual event will become a unique and unforgettable experience for your customers.

Interactive Experience

You will be able to search for people at the event, talk with all participants or directly with just one person.

As an event host you will be able to make sure all participants stay updated as things change with the awesome alerts board.

they said

Set yourself apart with an immersive virtual event that will leave your customers excited.

Lisa Yvonne


"It was easy, low stress, and I didn't have to all that much more than show up... She handled EVERYTHING"

Dr. Tiffanie Smith

Inspiring Natural Health and Wellness

"I loved all the rooms, the booths and that we were able to interact with each other... "

meet Dani

Business is about partnership, competition is a lie

After hustling alone for years to "grow" my list... grow my audience and do all those things you're supposed to do.. I (frankly) got sick of it.

There had to be a better way than working in my own ecosystem!

It gets lonely in the digital space as an entrepreneur. Especially when you're mainly at home anyway... and there is COVID

Then, I realized business does not grow in isolation.

Competition is kind of a lie.

Working together with other businesses and entrepreneurs created massive growth for our businesses in 2020.

So I decided to partner up my love for hospitality and people in a virtual way.

When we celebrate, honor each other.

When we give generously... our businesses grow and thrive. .

You are capable of more than you think

meet Taylor

I spent so many years supporting other people, ministries and businesses with my digital skills, not really seeing the value that I brought to them.

Very rarely would I see the difference that my skills made for those that I worked for. I felt disheartened.

I wanted more, and I also wanted to SEE more impact with what I was doing. I wanted to create something that inspires real change.

So I started to dream....and then I realized, that I COULD do more.

I am capable of great things.

Dani and I teamed up when we both realized we had the same goal.

Change the world through impact driven business.

Because we are capable of so much more, and we believe YOU are too.

We grow together, we give together, we learn together and together we will bring amazing changes to this world we live in.

I am so excited to see what happens next!

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