Welcome Here Guys!

I’m Dani Goeppert, "Virtual Event Wiz".

I am the CEO of Risen Events and an expert on all things virtual events and visibility coach and I love helping (especially women) entrepreneurs shine on virtual stages!

& and I teach coaches and solopreneurs (like me) how to confidently create their own virtual platforms

We are on a mission to bring humanity back to leads and traffic!

What We Do Here At

Risen Events

It’s all about relationship.

We are on a mission to bring humanity back to leads and traffic.

That is the heart behind events - in person and virtual.

We create event experiences that connect service providers, coaches, consultants to their ideal client in an intimate atmosphere.

By creating an opportunity for authentic connection, massive value giving, and servant-hearted interactions leads become human again.

Barriers crumble.

Profits and partnerships are forged..

Risen Audience Boom

Your own virtual event/summit or conference has never been this easy to put on. With over 70% of the logistics taken care of for you, you will walk away from this 90 day program with:

✔ a profit-filled summit under your belt,

✔ a wave of new prospects and clients who are ready to buy,

✔ content already created for your next course or program,

✔ and a schedule full of new speaking opportunities.

Risen Events

Create an opportunity for relationship!

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What our clients and students are saying

we've actually signed on clients for larger contracts upfront, which was a first for us!

"Dani did it really masterfully. It was fantastic. She made our lives so much easier. "

It really helped out a lot. a lot of leads came through the door, which turned into a lot of sales!

It Was Essential To Have Dani Walking Side By Side With Me

"I Had Never Considered A Summit... But I Knew It Was Something I Had To Do"

We had over 600 women participate in the summit, it was amazing and incredible!

My Conversions Doubled After A Summit with Dani

"I created a huge asset with this summit that I can repurpose and reuse in my app."

Doing a summit with Dani increased my audience, my authority. The summit was foundational in preparing me for BIG things in my business.

"You Cannot Get Better Than Danielle."

"She has all the templates that you need.

The tech is very simple. She handles everything.

It's a great done with you option. For those who are looking to grow their business."

"Amazing Session"

"She's very patient to be asking lots of questions

and just kind of just narrowing everything down"

Ready to dive into the world of virtual events?

This FREE four-hour - in depth masterclass will give you everything you need to create your own stage!