Tracy McGee

About Dani and her assistance: With the help of Dani, I hosted my very first virtual Summit in March of 2023.

Natalie Lavelock

About Dani and her team: I met Dani and she started showing me some of the Summits they had created with their team and immediately I fell in love.

Jase Souder

About Dani and her assistance: I want to share with you about Dani and risen events who helped us do our last summit.

Dana Olson

About Dani and her assistance: Dani and her team handled everything. And they handled it beautifully. It was elegant.

Gail Root

About Dani and her assistance: Two thumbs up for Dani and two thumbs up for the whole Summit process.

Elizabeth Presher

About Dani and her assistance: She was there with all of the details and all of the steps that overwhelmed me so much.

Logan Shinholser

Contractor Growth Network

About Dani and her assistance:

"I got to work with Dani on my event this past spring... I was so excited this spring to have the opportunity to work with Dani because she came and helped make that vision a reality."
"She's very on it... Dani does the same thing on the virtual side of things when it comes to putting on a conference from setting up clickfunnels and all the payments to being able to do the actual marketing of it."
"The most important part that she did was the actual facilitating and getting all of the speakers on the same page... Danny did it really masterfully, it was fantastic."
"We constantly joked internally at my office about 'remember that one time where we almost did this by ourselves?' and we're very fortunate that we reached out to Dani and she helped us along the way."

About the benefits of summits:

"Moving back a couple months past the actual event, we've actually signed on clients for larger contracts up front... a lot of leads came through the door which turned into a lot of sales that came through the door."
"We take all the conference footage that we've recorded and then leverage that in our sales and marketing processes as well."
"It was fantastic for reigniting our email list because we got a bunch of fresh new emails in plus we had an excuse to kind of re-engage everybody and activate that list all over again."
"The coolest part about running a virtual conference was a lot of the speakers that I had speak... I realized as we were doing this conference that we were the one putting the conference on bringing these people in and that we were actually very much on the same playing field as all these people."

Melissa Recinos

About Dani and her assistance:

"So I was pivoting my business when I decided to do a virtual event with Dani... Dani was so great about giving me advice throughout the process."
"She just believes in you and she believes in Your Vision so it's a lot of fun to just run with her."
"Dani was... allowing me the space to be creative but then reining me in when she felt like 'hey I've done this before here's my expertise on it.'"

About the benefits of summits:

"What virtual events do is they really leverage the authority of the people that you're inviting in to collaborate with you on this event."
"I knew that I was going to need the collaboration of thought leaders because I had essentially like zero audience in this space."